stüpdate #1

Hands down the best part about writing this blog is being able to write stuff like that title without Brian rolling his eyes at how stupid it sounds. hahah! writing it anyway, sucker!

IMG_1425We really owe most of our stoop to the generosity of our family and neighbors. The majority of our plants and planters have come as gifts, alley finds, or freebies.  We’ve met a lot of great people in our neighborhood while we work on our corner, and it’s awesome!

One of our neighbors works at Home Depot and is constantly putting out flats of plants free for the taking. So we have partaken. Partook. Partooken. We partook. (?)
Then there’s a little older guy who wears suspenders under his white t-shirt and stops to chat about our plants, and tell us about sales at Jewel. Always a great time.
Our latest friend is Ed, who mentioned that if we find little pots of plants on our steps, they’re from him! Sure enough, the next day there were two new little black eyed susans just waiting outside our door. Thanks Ed!

We also stumbled across a new nursery around California and Thomas, called Adams & Sons Nursery. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. It’s packed with great plants, including a massive wall of just succulents (Brian about died). We’ve already been back twice, and I’m already excited for our next trip. Not to mention, its in the same neighborhood that we are just dying to live in. Soon enough, Humboldt.

Today we harvested our first tomato! We’re pretty surprised that nobody’s stolen them yet, since they’re bright red and right within the eyesight of everyone walking by.


With any luck, we should have a few jalapenos and cherry peppers soon too…



project: DIY Woven Wall Hanging

After crocheting pillows to give as Christmas gifts this year, I had so much leftover yarn and was totally over it as far as more crocheting. After stumbling across a few adorable wall hangings on Pinterest, I decided to make a few of my own with the leftovers.

You can find these etsy shops here and here. I found the absolute best tutorial from Honestly WTF and learned some great tips. I didn’t want to buy a loom, so I hacked one together out of scrap wood and dowels we had laying around. Admittedly, it’s pretty ugly, but it worked. I bought wool roving on Amazon and mixed it in with the yarn, string, and colored thread. Total, it only cost me about $10, and I have tons of leftover material to make at least three more.

I didn’t have a pattern in mind when I started, I just used different stitches, different colors and materials, and hoped it would turn out. It totally did, I love the finished product! I’m impressed with myself, not bad for a first try.

 I love the idea of hanging these pretty much anywhere in your house to add some texture to the room. I’ve seen them in kitchens, bedrooms, and even the bathroom. This first one is for my sister, and I just finished the second one for a friend. I’m seriously loving them.

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project: DIY Advent Garland

This year will be the second christmas brian and I are spending together, and we’re both getting so excited for the holiday season! Thanksgiving is over, the ground is covered with snow ice, and it’s almost an acceptable time to get a christmas tree. Last year, brian told me it was the first time he was really into the whole holiday cheer thing, so I did my best to make our apartment super festive. We picked out our tree at Big Star’s pop-up tree lot and walked it half a mile home, giggling and dropping it the whole way! We would’ve loved to cut one down in the woods and haul it home, but sometimes you gotta make the best of what you’ve got, so we embraced our city life!christmas tree wicker park

This year I want to surprise him with a homemade advent calendar/garland, filled with lots of gifts and surprises. Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration for me for details like using canvas bags hanging on a garland instead of a traditional calendar. I really love this paper envelope version by Treasures and Travels. Continue reading