Christmas 2015

We had SUCH a great Christmas this year! We spent Christmas Eve with my family, and then Christmas Day with Brian’s family. We’ve been talking about what made this year so great, and I think we were just so relaxed and thankful that we got to spend the holidays together. It’s always nice to visit our families, especially now that we have each other to share the holidays with.

My family spends holidays with just our immediate family and my Pappy, so it’s a pretty calm and quiet day. We play board games, read by the fireplace, and have a nice dinner and dessert. My mom does an amazing job decorating our home and I still get happy butterflies in my stomach when I see the tree all lit up in the living room. I love the memories I have of waiting on the stairs on Christmas morning til my parents finished getting everything ready so we could run down to open presents.

This year we all did a seriously awesome job with gifts. I was SO excited to give all of my presents, that I pretty much forgot I was even getting any! When we were finished exchanging gifts, I had the best feeling in my heart knowing that everyone was happy and thankful and appreciative of each other. After presents, we played the original Password game, and it was hilarious! Pappy and I were a team, and we had a crazy winning streak for awhile… I loved it. I told Brian, I think we should play a different board game every Christmas!

On Christmas morning, Brian’s sister came to pick us up and drive us back to their parents’ house about an hour away. They have a huge family party on Christmas with all the aunts and uncles and cousins, much different than my family. We had a great time hanging out with everyone that night, and had a delicious dinner that I’ve seriously been looking forward to since last Christmas at their house.

I’m so thankful that we have such loving families who care so much about us. We are luckier than we know, and it’s holidays like this that remind me to remember these moments when we are surrounded by so much love.

  1. I tried out my new brush pens on our Rifle Paper Co. holiday postcards
  2. The woven wall hanging I made for Margaret on my hacked-together loom
  3. Writing thank you-notes
  4. I could not stop reading my new cookbook… I seriously love it
  5. I picked up a few cute wrapping paper sheets on sale at Paper Source, so this year’s theme was pink!
  6. Brian built a wooden shipping box for my dad’s gift… It turned out so well
  7. Frosting french macarons
  8. The custom dishtowels I made for my mom out of vintage recipe cards
  9. Baking more macarons… in my new apron!
  10. Vintage Geneva Bottling Co. seltzer bottle for my dad
  11. Super-packed Prius with all of our holiday goodies. Somehow we left with twice as much stuff as we came with…

christmas (post)cards

My parents have been sending out homemade Christmas cards since I can remember, family pictures included. I grew up assuming everyone did this, but looking back now, my parents were definitely just lucky to have a group of friends who also sent cards.

Brian and I don’t have many people to send christmas cards to, since we will see our families over the holiday and most of our friends couldn’t care less about getting a card. I wanted to get something small for my two favorite doormen at work and our landlord, so I went to Paper Source and found some adorable postcards from Rifle Paper Co., my fave. I bought little boxes of chocolates from Grahams (my favorite hometown chocolate shop), and with the postcard I think they’ll be perfect gifts.

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I love giving gifts, especially when they’re small but I know they’ll be appreciated. This is the perfect compromise between full blown Christmas cards and a small holiday note.


project: DIY Advent Garland

This year will be the second christmas brian and I are spending together, and we’re both getting so excited for the holiday season! Thanksgiving is over, the ground is covered with snow ice, and it’s almost an acceptable time to get a christmas tree. Last year, brian told me it was the first time he was really into the whole holiday cheer thing, so I did my best to make our apartment super festive. We picked out our tree at Big Star’s pop-up tree lot and walked it half a mile home, giggling and dropping it the whole way! We would’ve loved to cut one down in the woods and haul it home, but sometimes you gotta make the best of what you’ve got, so we embraced our city life!christmas tree wicker park

This year I want to surprise him with a homemade advent calendar/garland, filled with lots of gifts and surprises. Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration for me for details like using canvas bags hanging on a garland instead of a traditional calendar. I really love this paper envelope version by Treasures and Travels. Continue reading