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We have the unfortunate issue of being two super creative people stuck in a super tiny studio apartment. It feels like we are constantly in the middle of at least 5 projects between the two of us. Brian loves anything metal, and I have a weakness for textiles of all kinds. Brian is way better at finishing projects than I am, so most of my mess is half finished, and most of his mess is metal shavings, sawdust, and leftover greasy towels. As frustrating as the mess can be sometimes, I love that we’re both so happy when we’re making things. He loves when I sew, and I love when he’s elbows deep in a bike. Finding someone who so strongly supports my creativity is one of the most liberating feelings in the world.

I’ve finally decided that it’s worth a try to actually make some money while working on all these projects, so I’ve opened an Etsy shop! Check it out at