Weekend Walk

Montlake Seattle

If you know us, you know we walk and ride our bikes EVERYWHERE.  Way before we started dating, we used to go for long walks and bike rides together and loved it! Mostly for work, except for this one time on a reallllly snowy day when we called it quits after half a day at work and decided to spend the rest of the day walking. We walked to Gold Coast for sushi, and then to our now-favorite coffee shop that was a block away from where we’d eventually live together! Pretty cool.

We still go for a lot of really long walks, and living in two cities with extremely unpredictable weather means we’re used to getting soaked to the bone, frozen solid, or pleasantly comfortable (very rare). When we first moved here, our walks were like 8 or 9 miles on average, mostly because we were unfamiliar with the city, and would wander pretty far from home and then have to find our way back. Those walks were great, and I logged a bunch of the routes so I could look back and find the places we loved the most on the map. Now, our walks are closer to 5 miles on average, and we *usually* have a destination or two in mind when we leave the house.

On Saturday, I knew I really wanted to go to the KSMM (King Street Makers Market) in the International District, so that was our vague end goal.

saturday 12-2 walk
5.14 miles – Capitol Hill to CID

We both woke up super early so we decided to get our day started. It was kind of dreary and supposed to rain a bit, so we wore our rain coats, but we were both overly optimistic and Brian brought his camera and I wore tennies. Both bad choices. Brian’s camera stayed in my backpack most of the time and my shoes were sponges after about 30 minutes of walking. We stopped into our favorite (MASSIVE) Goodwill to kill time before the market opened, and walked out with two ugly christmas sweater party outfits, an xray bag for Brian’s film, and two Nintendo Wii steering wheels. Solid day at Goodwill.

There are so so so so many good restaurants in the International District, so I did some quick research on instagram and we went to get dim sum at Harbor City for lunch. IT WAS SO AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. Neither of us have ever had real dim sum before with the carts going around, so we foolishly said yes to like everything on the first cart, most of the second, and then had way too much food on our table and had to pass on the next 4 carts 😦 Everything was awesome though, and we will definitely be back!

The KSMM was kind of disappointing, and similar to a lot of the craft fairs and Saturday markets in Seattle. Not a whole ton of unique talent, and a lot of stuff that you can find at every other market. We didn’t buy anything, but it was fun to look.

On Sunday, we woke up to sun and blue skies! Brian yanked me out of bed and made me put on my shoes because we had to go outside!!!!!! NOW!!!!

sunday 12-3 walk
4.31 Miles – Capitol Hill to U District

It was totally worth it. We realized we were starving about 15′ outside our apt, so we decided to detour past the Volunteer Park Cafe that we’ve been meaning to try out for awhile. It was honestly one of the most comforting and delicious places we’ve been in a long time, and it was even better than everyone told us. We got two day-old pastries and a ‘kugel‘ (omg delicious) and were plenty happy for the rest of our walk. We wandered down a bunch of side streets we’ve never taken before and just saw the most beautiful parts of Seattle that we’ve never seen before! I was pulling my mittens off every 10 seconds to take pictures, it was so pretty. It just completely blows my mind that we live somewhere so incredibly beautiful, and that we can be so surrounded by natural beauty after just a 5 minute walk from our home. I’m loving this city more and more by the day…..

Montlake Seattle

Montlake Seattle

Montlake SeattleMontlake SeattleMontlake SeattleMontlake Seattle



Brian has started sending me links to my own blog at this point, as a not-so-gentle reminder that I haven’t posted in awhile. I KNOW, OKAY? I honestly don’t feel like I have much to write about, and the inspiration just isn’t there. Since the election, I generally feel beat down, and depressed about the news everyday. It has 100% affected me, and it’s subconsciously been harder to focus on the little trivial stuff that seemed fun and easy before there were more serious things to spend my time worrying about. Not to mention, I have a pretty sweet job now that actually requires my attention allllllll day (which I love), but that means no more writing blog posts at work.

That being said, I was taking my sweet time in a hot shower the other day and had a little daydream about when Brian was in school, and I spent a lot more time messing around in the apartment, starting tons of projects and not finishing many. Most of my posts were about stuff like that, and even though they were pretty stupid, they were fun to read and write. So, for now, I’m going to do that.

I know this doesn’t count as a post, but I’M WORKING ON IT. Relax, everyone.

Meal Planning 101

Dairy-free Meat-free Gluten-free Meal Plan

Meal planning is one of those things that I associate with people who are extremely organized and have extra time on their hands. I would assume it’s one of those “habits of highly effective people” along with waking up early and exercising regularly (both of which I do not do well). As much as I dread the “what do you want for dinner” discussion that usually occurs on our ride home from work, I can never bring myself to spend the 10 minutes on the weekend to sit down and plan out our week.

  • Excuse #1: How do I know that on Thursday, I’ll want pasta? Maybe I won’t feel like pasta and I’ll want a salad even though it says pasta on the plan?
  • Excuse #2: Our fridge is super tiny, and I’m lucky if kale stays crisp for more than 2 days.
  • Excuse#3: I probably won’t stick to this for more than one week, so why try. (I use this one A LOT)

We’ve successfully executed two weeks of planned meals, and I have to say I enjoy it. We definitely (DEFINITELY) save money, and we waste way less food which is my favorite part. We’re able to buy produce at the farmers market more effectively since we know for sure that we’re going to use the entire bulb of fennel or bunch of easter radishes instead of just buying them because they’re cute.
I’ve only done that a few times.Bulk Rainbow Peppers at the Capitol Hill Farmers Market in SeattleBulk Rainbow Peppers at the Capitol Hill Farmers Market in Seattle

When we take time to plan our meals, we also tend to eat healthier than we would otherwise. You feel a lot worse as a person when you PLAN to eat packaged ramen than when it’s a last resort choice on a busy night. Personally, I love writing down 5 days of kale because A. it looks better on a meal plan and B. it forces me to think of creative ways to prepare it.
This week, Brian and I decided to do a bit of a “cleanse” and go dairy-free, meat-free, gluten-lite, and no alcohol. I know there are far more strict cleanses out there, but this is mostly a diet adjustment since we’ve both noticed that our bodies and attitudes are a bit sluggish lately. I’m going to be conscious of my sugar and fat intake as well, and I’ll opt for agave and natural fats when they’re available. I’ve eliminated dairy and meat from my diet in the past and noticed a definite improvement in my body, so I’m looking forward to taking a break from both.

I don’t know how long we’ll stick to this, but I’d rather keep it open-ended so I can keep it up as long or short as I want. I don’t do well with deadlines, and I’m prone to jumping off the deep end as soon as time is up, and ruining everything I just worked at. A good example is my wedding ‘diet’ that I stuck to for about 2 months before the wedding. I lost a little bit of weight, leaned up, and noticed a positive effect on my body just by eliminating less healthy foods. After the wedding, everyone at work took me out for a giant burger and fries to celebrate the diet being over, and it pretty much went downhill from there. I’d say two months of eating whatever I want (and as many donuts as humanly possible) is plenty, and time to get back on track.

Dairy-free Meat-free Gluten-free Meal Plan

We picked up fresh produce at the farmers market this weekend, so my shopping list is fairly small for the leftover items. We generally stop at the store each night to pick up a few items rather than do a big trip once a week, so my shopping list is broken into days. I’ll probably get most of these ingredients at the Pike Place Market since their herbs and fish are as fresh as it gets and just a few blocks from work. Seattle Farmers Market Trip by Bike

I don’t typically use recipes, so I don’t bother writing down anything more than just ingredients. Occasionally, a meal will turn out really well and I’ll write it down for the future, but I usually just wing it a little differently each time. If you feel so inclined to try this plan and want more instructions for the meals, I can write up some quick steps that I use. I usually whip up a quick dressing for salads that always end up being some combo of olive oil, vinegar, mustard, and lemon.

I’m going to be proactive for next week’s plan and start perusing some of my favorite sites for cozy fall recipes and ideas. I think my next post will be some of our standard recipes that are in rotation most often. Healthy AND easy 😉