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love is all you need

Horrible things are happening in Aleppo, and in many many other places in our world. As we’re doing last minute Christmas shopping and pulling on an extra sweater because we’re a little chilly in our warm safe homes, children are dying on the streets.

We learn about the Holocaust so that history does not need to repeat itself. We take comfort believing that we would never let this happen again. Yet, it is happening again and we are doing nothing. We are all sitting around knowing that human rights are being violated on a massive scale, and we are doing nothing to help. I feel helpless and guilty, and embarrassed about the life I live compared to the lives being lost. How is it possible that I slept in a warm bed, in a heated apartment, with a full stomach last night, while children died in the streets of Aleppo. I can’t comprehend.

I donated $10 to the White Helmets today. It’s a tiny drop in the giant ocean of need for them, but it’s better than nothing. $10 is what I would have spent on lunch if I hadn’t remembered to grab mine from the fridge. White Helmets Donation

Spread love today and every day. Smile, be positive, treat people well, spread happiness and compassion. Lately, everything I’ve made has had a trend of love, and most of the time it’s completely unintentional. My heart is craving reassurance that there is still good in the world, I’ve been turning to books and words for comfort.

love is all you need

They Tried to Bury Us quote with pen

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There's a Storm Coming Harry


After: Day 35

Lots of wonderful things have happened since I posted last, but today’s news hit me like a wall, and I’m still struggling to comprehend it all. To be fair, almost none of this is “new” news, but it’s difficult to stay on top of the rest of the world with the daily onslaught of news about the massively volatile political state of our country. It’s easy to shelter yourself from the daily political updates, and carry on with life as if everything is normal, but we can’t afford to be comfortably naïve to what’s going on.

While I’m definitely not saying some news is more important than other news, I am only capable of reading so many articles in one day, and these are the ones that have really stuck with me.

Broken Men in Paradise – An article about refugees who are trapped on Australian islands with no hope of escape. I’m embarrassed that I immediately faulted Australians who live happy carefree lives while torture and abuse are happening within eyesight. I failed to realize that I am no better, and there are people in my country, my city, and my neighborhood who are living lives of fear and abuse. A different situation, no doubt, but enough to guilt me for placing blame. The next article is a perfect reminder of this.

Concordia, LA – One of the sickest counties in the U.S. – How is it the 21st century, and there are Americans living in absolute filth with no help from their government. Why on earth are we replacing water lines in wealthy neighborhoods when these people don’t even have functioning sewers? 

Goodbye Messages from Aleppo – This is heartbreaking to watch.

The White Helmets – A reminder that there are still so so so many good people in the world, fighting every single day for what’s right. This just shot to the top of my watch list on Netflix

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Happier words to come, promise.


Election Day 2016


Today is Tuesday, November 8, 2016 and it is a weird day to say the least. Above all, we are voting for our next President and our choices are Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. (The fact that I even just seriously typed that is something I’m still getting over.) Today, we will elect either our first woman president, or America’s first dictator. I can’t find the words to explain how I feel – it’s a mix of nauseous, anxious, over-caffeinated, depressed, nervous, confused, betrayed, terrified… but this guy on twitter really nailed it:

The absolute shit show that has been on repeat over the past few months has shown us the range of people who exist in this world, who are trusted to make huge decisions every. single. day.. I do my very best to make sure I avoid stupid people, mostly because I can control my own actions, but I can’t control any one else’s or how their actions might affect me. I wake up every morning and replay the scenario from when I was 16 asking to borrow my parents’ car, and them reminding me to drive carefully and reminding me that it’s not me they don’t trust, it’s everyone else driving around me. No matter how careful I (and so many other people) have been this election, we’re here, on election day, trusting our futures to total strangers who for whatever reason, support He Who Must Not Be Named. Blows my mind when I think about it.

I don’t watch the news every night, I don’t read the newspaper, and I don’t consider myself the expert on anything political. That said, I also don’t live under a big rock (only a tiny one), and I’ve kept up to date on the biggest issues that have come up during this election. I can have an intelligent conversation about the candidates, and I’ve fielded probably hundreds of questions about both of them from an 8-yr-old during our walk home from school. Sometimes he’ll ask a question about something I just don’t know enough about, but when I try to find the answer, I end up drowning in biased articles online and don’t feel confident in what I’m reading. That in itself is terrifying.

While we’re on the subject, here’s a brief list of other things that terrify me.

Trump repeatedly publishes and announces false information.
-There are WOMEN who support Trump.
-Melania is married to him. Somebody throw that girl a line.
Trump publicly mocked a disabled person.
Mutiple women are claiming that he has sexually assaulted them.
-All of the above things have happened and we are STILL considering him as a candidate.

It should be obvious by now that I voted for Clinton, and stand 100% behind my decision. I am voting as a woman who hopes to have a family someday, and children who will grow up in this country. I am voting not for me, but for them, and for their children, in hopes that when they are raising their own babies, they will have a safe home to live in. I am voting for all of people in other countries who want nothing more than to come to the United States because we are a safe place for them. I am so lucky to have experienced what it is to live in a safe country, and I know that  no matter the outcome of this election, our country and our culture is at a turning point and tonight marks a new normal for us.

I will do everything in my power to protect myself and the people I love, and I’m terrified to imagine a day when I’m powerless. Today, I have the power to vote, and so do you. Go vote. Make your voice heard. Stand in line as long as you have to, and call for pizza if you must. For how horrible our world seems right now, at least there is someone out there sending free pizza to hungry voters, so it can’t be all bad.

For some light reading…

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