a few of our favorite things

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We are constantly finding new products that we love and as materialistic as that sounds, they provide inspiration for how we live our life. I was raised to consider the impact of my decisions on the people who will be living on our world long after we’re gone, and I give so much credit to my parents for the environmentally conscious lifestyle I live today. Brian grew up with three sisters who made him into the most gentle and caring guy I know. I can see so much of them in him, and I also love how independent he is and how much value he holds in his past experiences. His time spent tinkering and working on bikes has given him huge love for utility and for solid products that work hard and work well. So back to the main point, we love finding companies and people who align with both of our values and beliefs. We agree that great people and their products deserve to be championed, and I’m excited to post here about all of our favorite things.