Brian has started sending me links to my own blog at this point, as a not-so-gentle reminder that I haven’t posted in awhile. I KNOW, OKAY? I honestly don’t feel like I have much to write about, and the inspiration just isn’t there. Since the election, I generally feel beat down, and depressed about the news everyday. It has 100% affected me, and it’s subconsciously been harder to focus on the little trivial stuff that seemed fun and easy before there were more serious things to spend my time worrying about. Not to mention, I have a pretty sweet job now that actually requires my attention allllllll day (which I love), but that means no more writing blog posts at work.

That being said, I was taking my sweet time in a hot shower the other day and had a little daydream about when Brian was in school, and I spent a lot more time messing around in the apartment, starting tons of projects and not finishing many. Most of my posts were about stuff like that, and even though they were pretty stupid, they were fun to read and write. So, for now, I’m going to do that.

I know this doesn’t count as a post, but I’M WORKING ON IT. Relax, everyone.

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