Monday, 8/14

I want to be better at writing on this blog. I have about 75 drafts saved and most of them weren’t posted because I was waiting for some time to upload and edit a photo to go with. While I definitely still love having beautiful photos on my posts, I don’t want that to stop me from posting. I read through my last couple posts and was reminded why I love this blog so much. It’s so nice to look back on periods in time and remember what we were doing, how we were feeling, and what our life looked like.

Things we’re doing lately…

Going to goodwill… a lot. We’ve had some really amazing goodwill finds lately, including:
-$5 camping pads (saved us $150 over the new ones we’ve been eyeing)
-$7 donut maker (I’m obsessed)
-school supplies for Margaret’s new classroom
-$4 rain booties (because, Seattle)
-alllllll of the 20-cent mason jars!

Spending time outside!
Summer in Seattle is AMAZING. It’s even more beautiful than everyone told us it would be. The mornings are chilly (70s) but the afternoons can get up to 85 degrees. It’s never unbearably hot, never humid, and there’s always an ocean breeze. We’ve been trying to eat dinner outside at least once a week, and ride to different neighborhoods after work. One of our favorite places to ride is to Fremont and Ballard, since we LOVE the Westlake cycle track for our evening commute. We sat on the hill by the locks one night and had a picnic dinner while we watched the boats go through the locks.
We saw Gregory Alan Isakov and Blind Pilot at the Woodland Zoo last night which was basically like going to a much smaller Ravinia. It was an amazingggg concert, and the weather was perfect. It was a little chilly, but Seattle really embraces sweater weather.

Hanging our clothes out
We hung a makeshift clothesline outside our back door that holds about 6 shirts, or 2 flat sheets. It’s tiny, but I LOVE the way our laundry smells after hanging outside for a day.

Going to the farmers market + meal planning
Seattle’s farmers markets are wayyyy more legit than Chicago. You can actually buy your entire week’s worth of groceries, including produce, dairy, meat, fish, flowers, grains, you name it. We’ve been trying to stick to a meal plan the past two weeks, so it’s nice having an actual set shopping list to go off of while we’re at the market, instead of buying produce that goes to waste if we don’t use it. Also, saves us lotsa money!

I’m totally looking our gift horse in the mouth right now, but we cannot wait to use up all of the free coffee we got from Swift during our campout. It’s dark roast and not really our thing. One more aeropress worth and we’ll be able to buy a new bag of light roast 🙂 mmmmmmmm


Listening to…..

M.Ward – Margaret (ward) is letting us borrow her record collection for a big, and unsurprisingly, her initial namesake album was in there. We loved it.
Nils Frahm – always. We already bought tickets to see him next March. Nothing like planning ahead!
Black Sabbath – we found a cheap record at the antique store, so naturally it’s been on repeat for the past few weeks


Thinking about…

Our government. And trying not to be sick to my stomach about it every single day. I get at least some minimal comic relief via Twitter and some of the cheeky responses people have. Lots of credit to Dana for joining in and sending me the best of the best!

Buying a wii on Craigslist. For $50, I’m not sure if we can pass it up. We spent a good month addicted to Mario Kart when we were borrowing it from a friend.

Taking a couple of long weekends soon. Our wedding barely felt like a vacaction since it was so action-packed, and we could both use some serious time off. On the list: Orcas Islands, Portland, Chicago, Vancouver, and Hawaii.

Margaret’s first day of school! It’s today, and she’s going to be amazing. Her classroom is all set up, her outfit is picked out, and Brian and I are so so so happy for her. She’s loving her roommates (and their friends-with-boats) and that’s great.

Fall. Ahhhhhh!!! omg! I’m sorry. Too soon. But pumpkin pie sounds delicious.




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