We’re moving to Seattle!

This has by far been the most exciting month of my life. Brian graduated, we got engaged, and now we’re moving across the country for Brian’s new job! We fell in love with Portland the minute we stepped off the plane for the first time, and haven’t stopped talking about moving to the Pacific Northwest since that day. When Toole offered Brian his dream job, we knew we couldn’t pass up this opportunity, no matter how terrifying it seemed.

The past week or so has been INSANE as it’s starting to feel real that we’re actually leaving Chicago. My stress level is through the roof, and my emotions are all over the place. I know we’ll love Seattle, but that doesn’t make leaving our families any easier. Not to mention we’re moving without having an apartment yet, or a job for me. AHHHHHH.

Anyway, we really are excited! Cannot wait! Brian starts his new job in the middle of February, while I’ll stay here and finish packing up our apartment and then meet him there in March. If anyone feels like helping pack, or load boxes, or bring me wine, you know where I’ll be. Probably in bed avoiding everything I have to do.


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