After two looooooong years of school, Brian finally graduated last weekend with his Masters in Urban Planning and Policy, and I have no words for how proud I am. He worked so so so hard and was more dedicated to school than I have ever been. The past 2 years seemed like 10, but also feel like they flew by. I remember his first day like it was yesterday, when we were both oblivious to what was about to come our way. We started dating a few months before he started school, so this has been almost our entire relationship.

xmas card ps.png

We’ve learned so much about how to love and support each other, how to balance work/school/life, and how important it is to set aside time just to be together every once in awhile and breathe. I’m very much an introvert and am happiest when I’m by myself, but Brian is so much a part of me that I need him around to focus and recharge, and I miss him hard when he isn’t around. The last semester was tough, but we have completely loved every minute since his last class on Thursday night, and it’s amazing to think that it’s all behind us now. There is an entire chapter of our life that is complete, and that is crazy!

Even though I had no desire to attend my own graduation, I didn’t think twice about going to Brian’s. It was incredible to watch all the PhD and Master’s students get their degrees, knowing the amount of time and work and dedication that led up to that day. I thought for sure I’d cry, but the only time I teared up was when the speaker thanked all the friends and families who brewed the coffee to keep them awake through the all-nighters. (that was me!!)

The keynote speaker was Ambassador Ivo Daalder, who gave an amazing speech about the state of our world, our country, and our politics. In the midst of everything that has happened in the past few months, it seemed appropriate to address the topic to a room full of graduates about to enter the workforce and make a difference with their lives. It was chilling but powerful, and made the day seem so much more important.

Brian was not digging the ceremony as much as I was. This may have had something to do with the fact that we ran out of both toothpaste AND coffee that morning, so we were off to a fairly typical and hectic start to the day. Everything was redeemed for me when the orchestra played Harry Potter while we were waiting for graduation to start, but I don’t think Brian started to enjoy the day until we sat down at The Publican for brunch!

I lugged the camera around all day, but really only took pictures during graduation, so here’s a few of the graduate who would’ve rather been ANYWHERE but there. I think we might have gotten one smile…IMG_6897.JPGProcessed with VSCO with s2 presetProcessed with VSCO with s2 preset

Mayor Daley got a surprise Honorary Degree….. wat?


Brian’s Graduation from veronica ward on Vimeo. Video by Dana Almdale!

We are all so so so so proud of you Brian!!! We love you!!!!!

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