After: Day 9

Amidst the never-ending flood of bad news, there are always good people doing good things, and voicing the words that need to be heard.

Today, the words come from Ben Joravsky, a journalist for the Chicago Reader who shares my sentiments on a lot of topics including Rahm, TIFs, and Chicago’s education situation. Seriously I love this guy and he’s one of the few people in the media who I trust to write the truth. He does a “thing” at The Hideout called First Tuesdays which I am dying to go to but haven’t been able to make it yet. (Dana, pencil it in for January)

Today I am extremely grateful for his latest article about Chicago’s Trump Resistance which awkwardly touches on one of my least favorite politicians (Rahm) doing the right thing (Sanctuary City). Weird, right?

In related news, I’m going to start reading One Man Against The World tonight, since I’m a firm believer that we will learn from our mistakes and that history does not need to repeat itself.

xo, happy day

Chicago Sanctuary City 2016

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