After: Day 9

Amidst the never-ending flood of bad news, there are always good people doing good things, and voicing the words that need to be heard.

Today, the words come from Ben Joravsky, a journalist for the Chicago Reader who shares my sentiments on a lot of topics including Rahm, TIFs, and Chicago’s education situation. Seriously I love this guy and he’s one of the few people in the media who I trust to write the truth. He does a “thing” at The Hideout called First Tuesdays which I am dying to go to but haven’t been able to make it yet. (Dana, pencil it in for January)

Today I am extremely grateful for his latest article about Chicago’s Trump Resistance which awkwardly¬†touches on one of my least favorite politicians (Rahm) doing the right thing (Sanctuary City). Weird, right?

In related news, I’m going to start reading¬†One Man Against The World tonight, since I’m a firm believer that we will learn from our mistakes and that history does not need to repeat itself.

xo, happy day

Chicago Sanctuary City 2016

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