Home: A New Perspective

Since the day I moved into this apartment, I’ve wanted to do some serious renovation to make it exactly perfect. I have to give it credit for being an already wonderful space, but with a few design tweaks and a bit of elbow grease, I know I could make it even better.

Since the day Brian moved in with me, he’s been telling me not to spend my money renovating an apartment that we don’t own, or on things that we can’t bring with us when we move (like the kitchen) Also since the day he moved in, I’ve had a casual eye on Craigslist, in case a more perfect (and bigger) apartment presents itself. I’ve looked at a few in person, and even more online, but nothing has quite measured up to our place now, with its new appliances, beautiful hardwood, AMAZING landlord, and private entrance + stoop. It’s really going to take a special type of place to make us move out of here, but it doesn’t keep me from looking.

I went to see one last night that ended up being not as wonderful as I’d hoped,  but that gave me a new perspective on our place now. When I got back and walked in the door,  I was hit with the realization of how much I love this apartment and how it is very much home for us.

Apartment Love
Cringing at the mess, but loving how perfectly this captures our everyday at home

We’ve been doing a lot of purging lately, donating mass amounts of clothing and giving away big pieces of furniture to friends and family in the hopes that less stuff will help us use our space better. We mulled over some new furniture arrangements, and Brian finally gave me the okay to do some painting and work on the kitchen. In return, I’m going to back down my apartment search for the time being. I honestly have a renewed sense of love for our apartment, and I’m excited to start working on it and painting some walls! A little love and care goes SO FAR to help me appreciate what we have.

Back when the palm was still alive, and the ladder shelves were struggling to contain our sweaters.
My two favorite windows that are always begging for fresh flowers
A brief clutter-free moment on top of the dresser
Our beloved stoop and container garden.
Taken during the short week that we thought our ivy was getting enough sun on top of the new bookshelf.


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