Wordly Inspiration

Get it? Wordly, not worLdly? heh, heh, heh.

In lieu of being able to string enough words together to write one sentence, or track down our weekend photos from their scattered folders, I’m happy to introduce you to a few ladies who’ve done both of these. I’m inspired by their writing, their lifestyles, and their ability to create beautiful blogs while raising kids. I’m finding it difficult… even without kids.

1. Reading My Tea Leaves

Reading My Tea Leaves is my newest blog-crush, and for good reason. Her series “Life in a Tiny Apartment” sings straight to my soul, and she is currently at tip #145 for ways to live in small spaces. Each of her tips has crossed my mind at one point or another, and it feels like meeting an old friend when I read her posts. She is also a fabulous author, and her book Simple Matters has shot to the top of my wish list.


2. House of Habit

This family gives me my daily dose of west coast life with 4 of the coolest boys I’ve ever met (through the internet). Their parents have some serious style, and are always collecting vintage goodies, including cars, vans, and trailers. They go on crazy cool vacations, but have a great laid back day-to-day lifestyle too. I’m so envious of the way they parent these boys, giving them all of the freedom and tools to grow up to be awesome. My favorite of her series are “Overheard” and #teamleonthomas (on instagram)

3. Kate Baer

I’m always a big fan of anyone whose writing comes off as totally effortless. Kate Baer has absolutely nailed it, and I love digging back into some of her older posts about life in general. She has great insight on the way life works, and isn’t scared to lay it all out on the line. She has one post in particular, which actually isn’t even written by her, but it has stuck with me since the first time I stumbled upon it. It’s called A Letter to Moms Whose Partners Work Long Hours. It’s exactly what it sounds like, but relevant to a whole slew of people who are loving someone with other priorities. Some of my other favorites of her writing can be found here.

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