4th of juuuuuly.

We had the most fun 4th of july ever! After spending the weekend at both of our families’ houses, we got home on monday afternoon and promptly fell asleep on the couch and took a much deserved nap. We woke up to some rogue pops and bangs from our neighbors testing out their firecrackers and decided to go for a walk in search of the giant booms we could hear in the distance.

We ended up half running – half walking and skipping from block to block, turning every time we heard a bigger boom around the corner, or saw a giant flash over a building. It was so fun! At one point we found ourselves in the middle of an intersection where we could see fireworks down every street! I was spinning around trying to watch them all, and we couldn’t stop laughing at how incredibly loud it all was! It sounded like a warzone, just nonstop explosions in every single direction.

I’ve never ever ever seen or heard SO MANY firecrackers at one time! It seemed like there was someone shooting them off on every block we passed. I felt free like a little kid again, running around all the neighborhoods, just loving every minute of it.

We kept running into three different couples who were totally doing the exact same thing as us, and we were joking about how we had stumbled across the urban sport of Firework Chasing!

After two hours of craziness, we headed back home and sat down on the curb outside our apartment to watch our neighbors finish off the last of their fireworks. They were shooting them directly over our heads, and we could hear and feel all the scraps falling down around us after each explosion. Brian thought it was hilarious how much it freaked me out watching these burning scraps falling from the sky….

Right as we stood up to go inside, a massive firework show started, only a few blocks from us! One of our neighbors mentioned that it was a show that the Police Union puts on each year. We could see it perfectly from the curb, so we stayed and watched til it was over. It was just the perfect night, and a great way to end the weekend.

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