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We are LOVING our stoop this year. We are constantly admiring people’s yards and gardens when we walk around our neighborhood, so this year we’ve been spending tons of time working on our own little corner.

When we moved in, there were only a few baby hostas, tons of weeds, and maybe 2 inches of soil that was mostly dirt and sand. We started off by buying a few bags of topsoil for the garden and some terra cotta pots for the steps. Thanks to two generous loads of plants from my parents, we filled every square inch of the garden and a few of the pots.

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The stoop gets a little more sun than the garden (though still not much), so we bought a couple herbs and tomato plants from farmers markets and lined them up on the stairs. Last year we did the same thing and loved the way it looked, so this year we doubled our pots and lined both sides of the stairs. It makes the stairs look so much cuter, and we get lots of compliments from people walking by.

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We spend tons of time walking around our neighborhood, which means we find lots of good alley freebies like these gorgeous iron and glass terrarium/lanterns! They weigh a ridiculous amount, but they are in PERFECT shape, and I’m pretty sure they’re actually vintage and not cheapo remakes. I threw the petunias in since we didn’t have any pillar candles, but they’re doing so well in there that I don’t want to take them out.

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While we were lugging these guys home, we noticed someone throwing out this big planter and had to stop. Luckily we were only a block from home so we managed to haul that one too. It’s the perfect size for our tomatoes and heavy enough that I’m not worried about it getting stolen. (I’m not usually that pessimistic, but after Brian’s Thai Pepper plant got stolen at prime picking time last year, we’re a little more careful)

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We love when neighbors stop to chat, and especially when they offer us free plants, Miracle-Gro, or let us borrow their hose! Our building’s hose is way around back, so we have to take a ton of trips back and forth with our watering can. Never in a million years would I have considered a hose a luxury til this year.

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We work on the garden and stoop whenever we get a chance, and this weekend I think we finally wrapped up the last of our big projects, like adding more dirt to the garden, and potting the last of our herbs. The only thing left that I’d really like is a nicer set of outdoor furniture (or at least chairs) that we can keep outside. Right now we use the portable sports chairs and we unpack and pack them up every evening before we go inside. It’s kind of a pain, and with the amount of time we spend sitting outside, it would be a nice addition.

It’s also really frustrating when we walk past houses that have expensive outdoor furniture and you can tell they never use it. UGHHHHHHH what a waste. We’ve looked at Ikea, Target, and Home Depot, but haven’t found anything that is in our price range but will also last more than 3 months. Whats the deal with all the shitty shit?? I feel like there’s a niche market missing for quality affordable outdoor stuff.

In related news…. have you visited yet????? It’s Anthropologie’s outdoor/garden site and oh its pretty wonderful. Expensive, but gorgeous.



title credit goes to the original Stoop Kid – Hey Arnold



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