Summer Solstice

Ah… time to update this thing, right?

I started the blog thinking oh man, I have so much to write about! Then I realized my life is probably only exciting to me and Brian, so I kinda stopped writing about boring stuff. But we went on a walk on Sunday night and we both felt like we’d had a really great weekend… but we couldn’t remember anything we did! Hahaha. We’re going to try to start writing in a journal/updating the blog to help us remember what we did that week, and what we loved about it.

On Friday, the weather was SO NICE, and work was SO SLOW, so I took a half day and Brian and I got some delish Leghorn for lunch, and sat on the stoop eating and people watching. We read some Harry Potter, took a quick nap, and then I had to haul myself off the couch to go babysit. We went to the park, played catch, swung on the swings, chalked, and blew bubbles for what felt like 6 hours but was probably only 1…


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Saturday we woke up and decided to ride our bikes to Humboldt Park to do some #coffeeoutside.  We found a shady spot on the rocks by the lagoon and got all set up before Brian realized he forgot his brand new Helix coffee dripper… the main reason we we were making coffee, and 100% crucial to the whole operation! We poured the lukewarm water into our mugs and broke out our Publican Bread with butter and totally salvaged the morning.


It was really relaxing just sitting in the shade listening to the bullfrogs and birds, and watching turtles and ducks swim by. We spend tons of time outside already, but it was nice being around a little more ‘nature’ than usual without riding more than 10 min from home.

Let’s take the kids to Ikea, she said. It will be fun, she said.
It was not fun. In theory, taking the kids to a giant air-conditioned store with cheap food and lots of stuff to play on, sounds like a genius idea. But then traffic was awful, the  kids didn’t really understand why we loved ikea so much, Z kept wanting to play “family” in the little houses, and Jayden felt the need to climb on every single piece of furniture we passed. It was a lot to handle.

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I could see Brian’s soul seeping out of his body from the minute we walked in the door.

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On the bright side, I got some frozen meatballs, a ton of candy, a new houseplant, and a new pillow. So that’s pretty exciting.

My sister came to visit on Sunday so we could go to the beach (cause Brian isn’t really a “beachy” kinda guy, but I still need to get tan). She rode with us to the Logan Square Farmer’s market and we loaded up, spending every single penny we brought (and forgetting to save a dollar for the bike valet guy – sorry guy, next week we’ll double up.) We got fresh shelled peas, grape tomatoes, cherries, GIANT green onions, delish bread from LaBoulangerie, iced coffee, pink lemonade, a basil bush (i know, weird), a roma tomato plant, and a bell pepper plant. It was a successful morning.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with s2 preset

We rode to the beach later and found a prime spot right at the edge of Oak Street beach where it was not nearly as crazy packed with drunk teenagers. We were perfectly placed for some adorable Father’s Day people watching especially one with a baby who HATED sand and water. 0/10 would not come back.


Later we took a quick trip to Lowes to pick up a few bags of dirt (we totally took advantage of using a car instead of our bikes) and then gardened while Margaret hung out on the porch eating all our food, drinking all our drinks, and eating all my Ikea candy.


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It was seriously a great weekend.

Oh, and I spent all day monday trying to feel the slightest bit of that energy we were supposed to get from the full moon + summer solstice…. and I’ve got nothing. I figured that if there was ever a day that I could use some extra energy, its a 94 degree Monday. Alas….

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