peripheral projects

I normally have at least 5 projects on the back burner that I’m constantly mulling around in my mind, just waiting for the perfect time to start them. Usually I’m on the lookout for materials or inspiration, and when one of them presents themselves, it’s game on.

I feel like if I write them down here, I’ll feel slightly more responsible to finish them. A few that I’m thinking about right now are….

A bench + cushion for the stoop this summer. We dragged some (really freaking heavy) chairs home from an alley last summer with the intention of making slipcovers, but they just didn’t work with our tiny space. I’d really like to find a cheap wooden bench and make some comfy cushions with outdoor canvas. My parent’s porch swing is heaven to me, so if I can make something even close to that comfortable, I’ll be happy. Nap on the stoop anyone?

New slipcovers for our couch cushions. The couch itself is in good shape, but the last run through the wash shredded holes in the cushions. Instead of re-doing the whole couch (way bigger project), I’m just going to make new cushion and pillow covers, in a contrasting (complimentary) color/pattern. This should be a pretty fun project, with a very rewarding outcome! My mom is already on the hunt for a contrasting fabric and ordering new pillow inserts. So exciting!

I’m getting inspiration on Pinterest, by searching “mixed fabric sofas” (thanks mom). Check it out and let me know your favorites. Don’t be put off by some of the really extreme ones….

Raised wooden garden bed. Urban-Raised-bed-GardenWe really want to have a garden, but the area right outside our apt is very shady, and not ideal for a garden. We started some peppers and herbs in pots on the stoop last summer, but they struggled with not having enough sun. Also, someone stole Brian’s pot of perfectly ripe Thai Peppers 😦

This summer we want to build a raised garden bed on the patio over the garage. It’s going to take some serious planning to manage the drainage, so it’s one of our larger projects.   I found this one on Pinterest, and it doesn’t look too difficult.


Window boxes. This one is fairly new to my imagination, so I haven’t thought it out much, but I realllllly want some window boxes! We have two windows that get a pretty decent amount of sun, so I think we could get stuff to live. Plus we actually have working window screens, which is insanely exciting to me since I love love love having all the windows open in the summer.



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