soma carafe

At any given time, I usually have four or five things in the back of my mind that I’m interested in buying, but haven’t quite decided on. They’re usually products that aren’t totally necessary for us, but would be nice to have. Most recently, my list was…

  • Revolights (finally bought them! yay!)
  • Essential Oil Diffuser (coming in the mail today!)
  • Water Pitcher (keep reading)
  • Pendleton/Faribault/Woolrich wool blanket
  • Studded Tires
  • Steamer pot

I finally decided to buy the first two items, and I found them both at cheaper prices than I expected, so that helped with the decision. Most recently I’ve really wanted a filtered water pitcher for the kitchen. We use tap water fairly often, and Brian uses it for coffee every morning, so I know a pitcher would get a lot of love from us. I had planned on getting a Brita, but then after a simple google search, I learned about Soma, and my life has literally changed.

First of all, the pitchers are GORGEOUS.

I had a hard time deciding which style I loved most since they were both so pretty, but I decided to go with the carafe since it’s glass, and it’s the smaller of the two. I’m not a fan of cold water, so I’m glad this one looks nice enough that we can keep it sitting out on the counter.

Second, the company is great, and they donate a huge amount of their profit to charities that provide clean water to people in need. That fact alone sold me on this pitcher.

The kids helped me put it together and were super excited about “testing” the clean water. In retrospect, it probably wasn’t my best idea to let them drink four cups of water before bed, but that’s one of the benefits of babysitting. You give them back to their mom before it becomes your problem that they’re up all night going to the bathroom 😉

I’ll add more pictures once we have more time to test this beauty out! Definitely one of our new favorite things, and one of the best designs I’ve seen.

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