picking out the tree

After settling for a city tree-lot last year, Brian and I REALLLLY wanted to go cut down our own tree this Christmas. We love being outside and Brian has been itching to cut something down with his new axe, so we figured this was the year to drive to a tree farm and cut down our perfect tree!

Great plan and everything except Brian has finals this week, I babysit almost every weekend, and by the time we’d have a free day, it would be almost Christmas and too late to enjoy the tree. Someday we’ll make a day out of it but not this year.

Instead, we bundled up and walked to Home Depot (2 ish miles from our house) to pick out our tree. We are literally always borderline hangry when we go to Home Depot, so we stopped by the hot dog stand first. This is turning out to be a tradition!

We went to pick out the tree, and apparently everyone else in the city had the same idea… it was packed. The line to get the trees wrapped up was crazy long, so we opted for a mystery tree that was still wrapped in its net and we had no idea what it would look like when it opened up. We like to live on the edge, you know? Brian swung it over his shoulder and off we went!

We walk to Home Depot and back pretty often, but this was the first time we carried a tree! Surprisingly, only one guy commented on us carrying the tree, I definitely would’ve thought more people would’ve said something.

As much as I would’ve loved to cut it down ourselves, I loved walking the tree home and I know we’ll remember it forever.  Plus, did I mention that it turned out to be the most perfect tree when we opened it up?! Seriously, it’s symmetrical and doesn’t even have any weird holes. We totally lucked out!

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