backseat rider

My very very very favorite thing to do with Brian is ride our bikes. Lucky for me, we get to ride together almost every day during our ride to work or just to run errands. We joke about how he always likes to ride in front, but seriously he’s literally always in the front and I trail behind. It’s probably best that way though, since sometimes I get distracted by what we’re passing and slow down haha!

As much as I give him crap for it, I love riding behind him. I get to see him in his element, and the view isn’t so bad either 😉

It’s a good thing we’re dating or this would look like a total stalker post….

  1. This morning on Milwaukee on our way to work!
  2. A foggy morning in the loop. I remember this morning was unseasonably warm, and we were loving it!
  3. Somewhere on the Prairie Path, en route to Geneva
  4. Portland! Crossing the Broadway bridge.
  5. The Lakefront Trail, heading home from a great camping trip with some friends. The city was looking extra pretty that day!
  6. Portland again! I took half a million pictures while we were there, and a lot of them look just like this.
  7. Somewhere along the Illinois River between Joliet and Starved Rock. We found this gigantic turtle crossing the path and had to stop!
  8. Not 100% sure about this one…. but I think it was on our way back from Illini State Park after our bikecamping trip
  9. Just outside of Milwaukee, on our way to spend a long weekend exploring

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