eggnog season

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My family has this tradition/rule around christmastime that we’re not allowed to buy eggnog til we see a Christmas tree on top of a car. It’s the hardest when you see the eggnog at the store and you realllllllllyyyy want some, but you know you can’t!  Instead, you press your nose to the window the entire way home, determined to see a tree.

I introduced Brian to this rule last year and it was tons of fun! …til we walked to Home Depot and saw three cars lined up waiting to get their trees loaded.

Not this year! We walked to Home Depot this weekend and I had blinders on the whole time, I was trying not to look anywhere near the Christmas trees! I even admitted later that if I’d seen a tree on a car, I probably wouldn’t have told him. It’s just too soon!!! We decided to make a clause on the rule that it doesn’t count if we’re within eyesight of a store selling trees.

P.S…. that bag in Brian’s hand is full of Home Depot hot dogs. Honorable mention in Red Eye’s “Best Hot Dogs in Chicago” contest. If you’ve never had one, you’re missing out.

Happy Eggnog Season!

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