finding my focus

One of the things that drew me to starting this blog, is being able to share the stories behind my pictures in a format deeper than Instagram. Brian has a nice Canon dslr that he bought in college when he was really into photography. I’ve never had even the slightest inclination to try photography, but when he showed me the (very) basic elements, I was hooked. I’m still not dedicated enough that I bring it everywhere with me, but I do love messing around with it at home and taking really beautiful pictures of stupid stuff we have laying around the apartment. (Like stacks of sweaters….)

One of my blog categories is “projects,” which will be where we write about the crazy stuff we work on. Last night while I was retrofitting one of my bike bags to fit a new rack, I thought hmmm, I should take a picture of the project right now and use it on my blog. Then I looked around and saw the giant mess I was sitting in and realized that it looked NOTHING like any of my favorite bloggers’ project pictures. Somehow their projects always stay clean and organized and perfectly arranged on a big hardwood floor. (If this is reality, please tell me your secrets!) I know for absolute certainty that my projects will never ever look like that, and I’m not about to rearrange my workspace in the middle of working to pretend that it does. And thus was born my focus. Beautiful stories and pictures of our very real, very creative, mostly messy life.

 Don’t get me wrong, we live in a tiny apartment that has to stay mostly clean in order to not look like a “garage sale” as my sister so kindly put it. But the point is that we LIVE in it. And living means making messes, being inspired by our messes, and making something beautiful from them. I’m probably going to post clean and organized pictures when I can, to convince you that we aren’t totally disorganized, but I want my blog to show exactly who we are, everyday, without staging.

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