63 degrees in november?!

Saturday was pretty unproductive… the overly attentive employees at Lush and Mac were exhausting, so we came home and napped on the couch, then had burgers and champagne for dinner. (we’re pretty classy that way) We woke up on Sunday with every intention of getting shit done, so we walked to grab coffee at one of our favorite shops a block away. We immediately fell in love with the 63 degree november weather and decided to walk to our far-away favorite coffee shop, Ipsento. As per the use (pronounced like usual without the “al”), this turned into an all-day 8-mile affair.

walk route 11-15

Our route goes in circles because we LOVE that part of Bucktown and we wander out of our way to look at cute houses and alleys that are notoriously good for trash-picking.

We stopped for lunch at Las Asadas, wandered around Rebuilding Exchange for awhile, then headed to Home Depot for some WD40 and finishing nails. (the necessities, duh)

tacos, burritos, las asadas, walks, november, sunny, lunch, jarritos

I found a great mirror in an alley that Brian had to work realllllly hard to convince me to walk away from. It was just too heavy to lug home, and we don’t have the space for it (yet). I’ve been considering getting a storage unit for all the stuff we don’t have room for, and every missed opportunity like this makes it seem like a better idea.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Our coffee run turned into a long day of wandering and we both commented a few times on it being just the perfect day. To top it off, we found two really perfect heartspottings! We’re both dreading winter coming, and days like this make us appreciate beautiful weather so so much.

heart, heartspotting heart, heartspotting

Happy Sunday!

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