Snail Mail My Email

If you haven’t already heard, this week is Snail Mail My Email week!!! This is a super cool program that runs for a week each year and allows people to submit emails to the website, and have them handwritten by a stranger and snail mailed to the recipient. My sister found out about it a few years ago, and my whole family has volunteered to write letters each year since. There is something so intimate and fun (and creepy!) about reading someone’s personal letter and interpreting it through art! This whole week I’ll be incessantly checking my email, waiting for new letter assignments!

Snail Mail My Email can be found on Instagram and Twitter, where the artists post pictures of the super cool letters they’ve written and sent. It’s so inspiring to browse through some of the sweet notes people send and marvel at some of the most talented artists ever!

This week I’ve sent letters to Madrid, London, the UK, and Washington, and they’ve all been love notes! The first one I received requested hearts, skulls, and puzzle pieces. I had planned on cutting the final note into a puzzle, but when I saw the finished product, I couldn’t bring myself to chop it up, so I’m going to send it like this.

Hearts, Skulls, SnailMailMyEmail, Love Note, cards, art, watercolor
Hearts, Skulls, and (no) Puzzle Pieces

Watercolor has been my medium of choice this week, its just so easy to customize and always looks special. You can be the least artistic person on the planet and still make watercolors look good! (if it starts looking too uptight, add more water!)

Today is your last day to submit an email through the website or sign up to volunteer, but you can send your own snail mail any day of the year. Here’s to opening the mail box and the thrill of seeing a handwritten envelope with your name on it!

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