slow sunday

With brian in school and me working full time and babysitting in the evenings, we look forward to spending time together on the weekends. I usually have the kids during the day on saturday which gives brian time to do homework without any distractions. Saturday nights usually end with a glass of wine for me, whiskey for him, a few episodes of whatever our current show is, and falling asleep on the couch. It sounds pretty boring, but we love it. Sundays are sleep-in, coffee and reading on the couch, and long walk kinds of days. If the weather is nice, sometimes we’ll go for a long bike ride or walk somewhere to eat outside. One of the things I hate the absolute most about working 8-4 is being stuck inside all day and not being able to enjoy the weather, so I take full advantage of the weekends.

IMG 9281
My view from the couch yesterday.

This sunday was exceptionally lazy after hosting a dinner party the night before and me recovering from a pretty hefty wine hangover. 1010! marathon, a full season of The Office, and a nice walk to Small Cheval for some of the best burgers on the planet. While burrowed into the couch with Pinterest and coffee, I looked up and saw the sun coming in the windows and it dawned on me how happy I am with our life right now. I turned to Brian and commented on how nice it felt just then to be able to sit back and enjoy our apartment without feeling like I have to clean it, or fix something, or work on it. He agreed that we’ve really made it our own and it’s starting to feel like a home that belongs to both of us. Brian and I look up to my parents home as an inspiration, and it feels great to sit back and be proud of what we’ve built for ourselves.

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