Picnics in the Park

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While her brother is visiting family in California for a month, we have Z all to ourselves! I love them both dearly, but having just one of them is SO MUCH EASIER than two of them. We’ve taken full advantage of the mid summer weather this week and gone for so many walks in the wagon and trips to the park. Per her request, we always stop at the grocery store first to pick up grapes, strawberries, and cheese for our picnic dinners. She’s a cheap date🙂

Processed with VSCO with s2 presetPicnics in the ParkPicnics in the ParkPicnics in the ParkPicnics in the ParkPicnics in the Park

She’s also jetlagged from their trip to China….

Picnics in the Park

In an effort to keep her awake at least past 5pm, I took her to the park and splash pad to keep her distracted. It totally worked.

It took her awhile to warm up to the whole idea, but once she got one toe in the water, she didn’t want to come back out. I had to coax her out of the water with pretzels and a juicebox so we could head home. She did the no-pants-dance in the bike seat since she was totally SOAKED. She thought it was hilarious and held her shorts off the bike to dry while we rode.

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I was getting some serious baby fever watching all the adorable babes running around in the sprinklers. Not even the kid licking the ground and eating wet diapers could save me from myself.


Weekend Bike Trip from Chicago to Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee is definitely one of our very favorite places to visit, and it’s a whole lot easier to get to than Portland! Riding our bikes to MKE was our first trip together, only a few weeks after we started dating, and it’s become a really special place for us.

We’ve had a fairly busy summer so far, which means we haven’t had as much ‘us’ time as we’d like. Brian suggested that we ride our bikes to Milwaukeee to spend the weekend by ourselves, and we got started planning. We’ve used both Airbnb and Couchsurfing in the past, and although both have their perks, we went with the cheaper option this time and found a host to let us sleep on their couch for a night.

The ride up was one of the absolute easiest and quickest rides we have ever taken together! We took Metra to Kenosha, grabbed a quick diner breakfast, and then set out on the path. It seemed like we were there before we knew it! The weather was perfect, there was hardly any wind, we only got turned around once, and we didn’t even stop for snacks or to fill up our waterbottles. So great.

Weekend Bike Trip from Chicago to Milwaukee, WIWeekend Bike Trip from Chicago to Milwaukee, WIWeekend Bike Trip from Chicago to Milwaukee, WI

We are always STARVING by the time we roll in, so we stopped for a delicious lunch at one of our faves, Bavettes Boucherie. We fell in love with this butcher shop/cafe on our first visit, and it is a must-visit whenever we’re in Milwaukee. We still talk about that amazing kale+sausage+white bean soup….

Weekend Bike Trip from Chicago to Milwaukee, WI

After lunch, we rode up to Whole Foods and picked up a 6-pack and some Aloe for Brian’s burned back. Side note: that WF has an INSANE body section with the best selection ever of shampoos, body soaps, cosmetics, etc. Brian was tearing me away, but I could have stayed for hours.

We rode over to the hill to hang out, which I think is my very favorite thing to do in Milwaukee together. We’ve had some pretty great conversations there, and it’s a great place to relax and just hang out. We love spending time outside, and the hill is an ideal spot with a great view and no people walking by all the time.

Lakefront Brewery is nearby at the bottom of the hill, so we stopped in and filled up on enough beer and cheese to last me the next month. The Wisconsin stereotype is so true.

Weekend Bike Trip from Chicago to Milwaukee, WIWeekend Bike Trip from Chicago to Milwaukee, WIWeekend Bike Trip from Chicago to Milwaukee, WI

We woke up early the next morning to dark grey skies and some thunder, so we packed up and jumped on our bikes to head to a coffee shop to wait out the rain. (our other option was to get stuck at our couchsurfing place, and that was not ideal). We lucked out and ended up at a Collectivo (Milwaukee’s version of Intelligentsia) that had a covered outside patio. We sat outside and waited out a pretty intense storm that took down a giant tree right across the street from where we were sitting. So loud, and really crazy to watch!

It turned out to be a beautifully sunny day after the storm passed, but the wind was still really strong, and neither of us felt like battling a headwind for 50 miles, so we bought Amtrak tickets back to Chicago. Super convenient now that they are allowing bikes! The ride was almost unbelievably wonderful. Loading our bikes was super easy, the ride was smooth and fast, and totally worth it.

Weekend Bike Trip from Chicago to Milwaukee, WIWeekend Bike Trip from Chicago to Milwaukee, WI


learn something – japanese history!


It’s pretty ironic that I enjoyed this video so much, since history was by far my least favorite subject in school. I got my first bad grade (60%) on a Modern History test in highschool, and I’ve hated it since. HOWEVER. I attribute most of that to  horrible teachers and poor curriculums, so it makes sense that a YouTube video could teach me more in 9 minutes than I learned in all my history classes combined.

I promise, this is totally worth 9 minutes of your life. Even if you don’t gain a new understanding of Japanese history, you’ll learn how presentation is key. Which actually reminds me of another video I should post….

Anyway, learn something!