Day Trip to Deception Pass

Deception Pass

Margaret came to visit this weekend, so Brian and I asked around our offices to see what our coworkers recommended for cool day trips. Everyone had their own favorite places to go, but we decided on Deception Pass since it was semi-close, not closed from snow or a landslide, and didn’t involve an hour long ferry ride. The weather was sunny and bright in Seattle, but turned super rainy after we got half an hour outside Seattle.

We stopped at Shrimp Shack for lunch… BEST IDEA EVER. We had our doubts pulling up, but I’m so glad we stopped in, because we all LOVED our lunches. We’ll definitely be back.

Just a couple minutes down the road, we saw these fisherman floating around in tiny little blow-up single person raft/boats and pulled over to get a closer look. There was a sign to go down to a waterfront, so naturally we followed the road and ended up at an awesome park. We wandered around the beach, and then climbed up to one of the trails nearby. It was absolutely beautiful.

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one month in Seattle

Seattle Day Trip to Bainbridge Island

It’s been a month?! nuts. Brian’s been begging me to write a new post, and it really is overdue. I feel like I have so much to write about but so little to say!

It simultaneously feels like we’ve been here for 2 days, and also 2 years. So so so much has happened in this month, and I feel like Brian and I are still playing catch up every day, trying to keep up with everything.

Our apartment is starting to feel more homey, especially after our first fire in the fireplace this past weekend! My mom came to visit during our first week here, and helped us clean the apartment from top to bottom, and paint every single surface. It’s amazing what a coat of paint will do….
Everything is unpacked and almost completely put away, and we’re finally able to relax instead of always cleaning and organizing. We’re extremely thankful for the location we chose to live in, being surrounded by the best transit in the city and having access to everything. We can walk to work in 30 minutes, ride to work in 8 minutes, or take a bus or train. We’ve found our favorite coffee shops and corner stores, and fell in love with Volunteer Park which is only a few blocks from our apartment.

We took our first ferry a few weeks ago…. AND LOVED IT. I cannot believe we live so close to the water, and we have access to so many beautiful places. We loved Bainbridge Island so much, that we’re getting married there!!! (more on that later)


Seattle Day Trip to Bainbridge IslandSeattle Day Trip to Bainbridge IslandSeattle Day Trip to Bainbridge IslandBainbridge IslandSeattle Day Trip to Bainbridge IslandSeattle Day Trip to Bainbridge IslandSeattle Day Trip to Bainbridge IslandSeattle Day Trip to Bainbridge Island

Our first impressions of Seattle were pretty spot on. The rain can be overwhelming, the dogs are EVERYWHERE, the hills are still huge but getting easier to handle, and the food is just as good as we originally thought. It rained for about 10 days straight last week, which got to be almost humorous to us, but then we had a few sunny days in a row which made up for it. We have both been hearing nonstop from literally every single person we talk to that Seattle’s summers are just the most incredibly beautiful summers ever, and make the rainy season worth it. We’re hoping that’s true, especially this year since we’re having our ceremony outside in the middle of July!

Some things we LOVE about Seattle:

Paper Hammer, Stitches, Drygoods, Glasswing

Mountains – we have a really cool view of the mountains when we walk to work, but sometimes it’s too overcast or cloudy to see them. On the days when it’s bright and clear, we joke that ‘the mountains are out today!’

Biking – the hills suck. We can coast downhill to work in the mornings in about 8 minutes, but riding back uphill on the way home is another story. We got totally rocked and had to walk partway the first time, but then made it up on our second try. We’re still figuring things out. We dragged home a bike from the trash for me last week which is going to need some serious aesthetic work, but it has gears and that’s what matters.

FISH – OMG THE FISH HERE IS SO GOOD. Brian has found his happy place in the PNW, and it thankfully involves homemade seafood chowder and fires in our fireplace.Homemade Seafood Chowder in the Pacific Northwest

Volunteer Park – IΒ can barely find the words to describe how wonderful and magical and beautiful this park is, so here’s two sentences and a few photos from our first time visiting.
Brian – “I think I need to start carrying a brass pocket telescope.”
Veronica – “This place is SO Hogwarts”
Volunteer Park Seattle
Volunteer Park Seattle

Volunteer Park Seattle


Blondie Brownies

It’s my last day of work!!! I can’t even pretend like I’m not totally excited to close this chapter of my life and finally move to Seattle.

Because we live in some weird world where you have to bring your OWN treats to celebrate your birthday/anniversary/last day, I decided to bake cookies for the office. I babysat J+Z last night (for the last time), and conned them into helping me make these delish blondie brownies that require a lot of measuring for Z.Blondie Brownies

I have never seen the office so obsessed with a cookie before, and I had at least 6 different people ask me for the recipe. I found it hereΒ via Pinterest, and recreated the recipe on a printable card for the office. Enjoy!!
Blondie Brownie Recipe